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Artist Statement

“Through a certain fantasy, I try to translate a singular vision.”

Painting is a flexible medium that offers unlimited possibilities for both shape and content.

It provides freedom of expression that can transform the universe.

Painting is first and foremost an action that takes shape through the imagination and which 
is asserted through a gestures. An action that establishes benchmarks and translates the artist’s 
unique expression. It is also a decision to face choices, a path to take to express its vision.

I create images that translate a universal vision that display landmarks that the viewer can recognize.

A vision that is only valid if shared.
Through a certain fantasy, my canvas gives free rein to various interpretations.
I’m inspired by photos that I edit with computer graphics, using layered techniques and masks.
The technology offers me endless possibilities, both for the effects of coloring and composition.


They are iconic animals, symbols of regeneration of life and energy of the heart.
The deer’s horns can grow back once they fall. As a result, the deer was revered by many traditions
as a magical animal. It symbolizes, among other things, the personification of virtues and it embodies 
the character of legends and myths.

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